Telemedical Kiosk

A Computer Kiosk for telemedical Online Consultation

In many places employees, customers or visitors may need to consult a doctor. Whether in a pharmacy, retirement home, office block, production plant, airport, hotel, community center or sports center, our solution allows quick and easy access to a doctor at the place of your choice by using a telemedical computer kiosk. The doctors also can use the computer kiosk by installing it in their offices or practices to conduct online consultations with patients. By installing our computer kiosk in the place of your choice, you help people to take care of their health and well-being while allowing them to safe their time, energy and transport.

A turnkey solution

Our kiosk is specially dedicated and pre-installed with the DeinDoktor application, which is based on the telemedicine web site You can benefit from the full functionality of our telemedicine services in a certified and dedicated environment: the people who use the computer kiosk are limited to the use of the application. Users can access day and night doctors and specialists (dermatologists, ophthalmologists, gynecologists, allergists, etc.) and get electronic prescriptions and invoices that can be printed on site by the patient or send e-mail via pdf. Users can also book a next appointment or evaluate and feedback doctors of their choice.

A first class service for an affordable price

We offer a fully configured kiosk to the price of 990, - CHF per year. The price includes the cost of the computer kiosk, the configuration of the application and the installation or the dispatch of the kiosk to the location of your choice.


The computer kiosk requires a separate room to allow the user to not be disturbed during the teleconsultation. Our computer kiosk must also be supplied with electricity and Internet connection (Wi-Fi or LAN).