The best Swiss Doctors

Every year there may feedbacks on DeinDoktor. Patients feedback about their experience and evaluate the doctor according to different criteria such as attention, kindness or aftercare. DeinDoktor analyses the feedbacks, together with other quality measures and every year nominates doctors for the DeinDoktor Awards. Most of the doctors receive positive feedback from patients, but only a special few fulfill the Criteria to receive the DeinDoktor Award.

The Criteria for the Swiss Doctor Award

The Swiss Doctor Awards consider following criteria: Feedback + Amount of feedbacks + DeinDoktor Quality measures. The doctors receive feedback according to:

Satisfaction: With the given conditions, performance of the doctor, etc. You agree and have nothing to complain about.

Communication: You agree to the exchange of knowledge, insights, experiences, and other information and have no complaints.

Trust: You are convinced of the correctness, truth or honesty of the doctor, and have no doubts about his actions, insights, and statements.

Attention: You are convinced of the concentration (intensity and duration) of the doctor and have nothing to complain about.

Kindness: You agree with the gracious behavior and with the inner kindness towards you and have nothing to complain about.

Aftercare: With the scheduled follow-up completed or provisionally closed treatment you agree and have nothing to complain about.