Why register

You determine the price

You as a doctor determine the price for the video consultation. You can choose the standard rate of Tarmed or choose a price yourself. When you determine the price, choose between the price per consultation or price per minute.
You must send the physicians invoice to the patients address independently.

Electronic Agenda with booking-system

With DeinDoktor you (or your assistant) can manage your real-time electronic agenda: publish available appointments easily, give the opportunity to patients to book a consultation at your office or online, and send automatically appointment-reminders by E-mail.

This will result in less cancelled appointments, a 24/7 appointment service and less work for you and anybody who might help you to organise your schedule. You can also easily implement this agenda including booking-system on your or any other website. This is a 100% innovative service.

Online Video Consultation by webcam

DeinDoktor is a Internet Service Provider (ISP) and provides to all registered Swiss Doctors an innovative service to offer easily Online Consultation worldwidely. Optimize your waiting time between patients and work anywhere, anytime. With DeinDoktor you get new opportunities to organize your time and work, thanks to newest technology from Switzerland.

The consultation remains confidental

DeinDoktors online (video) consultation employs Transport Layer Security (TLS) to encrypt both voice and video data by using WebRTC (Real Time Communication). TLS enables DeinDoktor to comply with the requirements of the United States HIPAA Security Rule for the transmission of patient health information over the Internet.

Work anywhere, anytime

Work from home or while being abroad, DeinDoktor offers new opportunities resulting in better service for your patients.

Appointment reminder service

Our appointment reminder service means that your appointments will not be forgotten by the patient. Three hours before the appointment an SMS and an E-Mail is sent to your patients.

Manage your profile and moderate patient’s feedbacks

Thousands of patients from all over the world use DeinDoktor.ch to find and communicate with Swiss Doctors. Patients book appointments, give feedback to doctors and communicate online per webcam thanks to DeinDoktor. Optimize your profile online and publish the diseases your are specialized in and treatments you offer. Patients can give feedback to the consultation and doctors can moderate these feedbacks accordingly.