What is the value of DeinDoktor for the Patients and for the doctors?

The value of DeinDoktor is a simple consultation of a doctor anywhere, anytime by webcam. All Swiss doctors have easily with a common web-browser access to DeinDoktor. As a patient you will save time and travelling costs and get advice quickly. With DeinDoktor a patient will find the right doctor and can receive e-prescriptions and medical certifications by mail. The consultation and medication might be reimbursable by the patients insurance. For doctors the value of DeinDoktor is that he or she can work from anywhere and anytime offering better service to existing and new patients. DeinDoktor is 100% free for Doctors and reduces administrative work by automatically generated invoices, prescriptions and certifications. The doctor will receive the money for consultations immediately from DeinDoktor and can offer his services worldwide. A patient from China for example can consult a doctor in Switzerland easily. With DeinDoktor doctors receive more patients fitting the specialty (rare diseases/ treatments) and can increase the visibility worldwide.