Terms of use

I. Legal terms of usage


DeinDoktor is constantly striving to ensure the orderly operation of the offer, however, is not liable for the continuous usability and availability of the offer and in particular is not liable for technical delays, interruptions or failures.

Adhesion Own Content

DeinDoktor is in no way responsible for the choice and decision of the user in connection with the services offered here. DeinDoktor is a service provider and for own contents, which are available under the offer, in accordance with the general laws responsible. DeinDoktor has created these own contents according to the best of our knowledge, but there is no liability for its accuracy, completeness or timeliness or their legality. DeinDoktor has linked no influence on the design and / or the contents of links to external websites and has no obligation and is not able to check these regularly.
Third-party content
DeinDoktor is not obliged under the law and also not in a position to the legality of the uploaded and published content by third parties to examine extensively and / or monitor and to investigate circumstances that indicate illegal activity. This also applies to hyperlinks. DeinDoktor does not makes this content as our own. Knowledge of rights violations If DeinDoktor is pointed to legal violations and / or violations, the corresponding content is deleted immediately - subject to extensive testing. DeinDoktor reserves for this purpose, to block third-party content made ​​accessible, including links and / or permanently remove. DeinDoktor is not liable in any way for their content. DeinDoktor will in appropriate cases, make a function available (Contact formular) by which alleged violations can be reported.


The data published as part of the offer content (particularly text and images) are subject to copyright. Any reproduction or other use or exploitation of copyrighted content is illegal without the permission of the copyright holder. But allows the personal, non-commercial use in the context of the purpose of the offer. The user may retrieve the contents, therefore, save and print for personal use, as far as acquisition purposes either directly or indirectly. Modification or adjustment of the offer DeinDoktor reserves the right to change parts of the offer or the offer as a whole, without prior notice or the publication temporarily or permanently. Claims do not accrue to the users thereof.

Privacy Policy

The notes on data protection and the Privacy Policy can be accessed here.

II. Conditions for registered users


The terms and conditions in the current version of registering are effective. DeinDoktor has the right to change these conditions with reasonable notice or supplement. The announcement will be made by e-mail or during login. Contradict a registered user within five days after he was informed by e-mail or by logging, the amended or amended terms become effective. Contradict a member within the deadline, so DeinDoktor is entitled to the possibility of termination of the user on the date on which the changed or amended terms and conditions will enter into force, but no earlier than two weeks after the end of the opposition period. These effects occur only when the registered users in the e-mail containing the amended terms, and was informed separately when logging in to the importance of the five day period and the aforementioned consequences of a conflict.

Registration General

A multiple registration is not permitted.
Registration information
Each user agrees to provide accurate and complete information in connection with its registration and in particular not to violate the rights of others. A violation of the rights of third parties is given, among other things, if personal information or other data of third parties are used without their consent, e.g. the name or e-mail address. The registration as user with DeinDoktor for patients is possible by valid mobile phone number.

Rules for usage

A good and respectful interaction with other users is mandatory. No user may, with any information and information different from the range available, violate legal prohibitions or morality or infringe the rights of third parties (name, trademarks, copyrights, privacy rights, etc.). In particular, it is forbidden to users to spread directly or indirectly pornographic, youth debilitating, violent or ethnically offensive content, call for criminal activities or provide instructions for this, or political, philosophical or religious views of any third party. For the users, the decisions and guidelines of DeinDoktor and their agents are compulsory when using the Services, that decide what content against those principles violated.
Access information:
The registered users are responsible for the confidentiality of the other user interacting with them or their chosen access information and are responsible to DeinDoktor as well as third parties for their use. Each registered user is obliged to inform DeinDoktor in case of unauthorized use of his access information without delay.
No malware:
No member may, with the use of the offer, send or save data on a disk from DeinDoktor. Especially data which are suitable according to their type, size or number, the operation of the computer systems of DeinDoktor or a third party to interfere with or infringe the rights of third parties (such as viruses, spam e-mails, etc.).
No advertising:
by registered users: It is not allowed for registered users, other users or third parties using Advertising to submit in any form. This also relates to the setting of appropriate links and in particular advertising for chain letters, other circles, surveys, pyramid and Ponzi schemes, as well as for the purchase of securities.
No misuse of data:
The use of a registry for reading, recording or disclosure of personal data other registered users for other purposes as the purposed use of the Services is prohibited. The registered users treat their notice at information about other users and content of communication as confidential.
Special provisions for reviews:
All registered users are obliged to use their reviews and related information on the website truthfully to the best of knowledge and make certain a factual manner. A unobjective degradation is expressly prohibited. Reviews may only be made ​​personally. A review delivery by third parties, in particular by service providers or agencies is also inadmissible if the review contents from patients.

Copyright and related rights

Granting of rights:
With the setting of texts and other potentially copyrighted material a registered user, gives DeinDoktor a free of charge the transferable right to store the material indefinitely, to reproduce, distribute and make it available to the public. Further to provide users of the offer to save and print and use it in online, print and other media to advertise the offer. Material can be adjusted, highlighted and evaluated editorially.
Responsibility of the registered users:
It is the sole responsibility of each registered user to acquire the necessary rights for the setting of material in the supply of DeinDoktor.

Consequences of violations

DeinDoktor is not responsible and liable for violations and also not able to examine the legality of the registered users uploaded or published content comprising. Further not liable to monitor and to investigate circumstances that indicate illegal activity. But DeinDoktor performs sample checkup and reserves in any case the right to audit before.
In case of violation of these Terms of Use, DeinDoktor can delete temporarily or permanently user profiles, and prohibit them for the usage of the Service of DeinDoktor. All related content will be deleted and is not further available. In a culpable violation of the User, thes user is liable to DeinDoktor to recover any resulting information to direct or indirect loss also for pecuniary damage.


General Limitation of Liability:
DeinDoktor is not liable for any damages. Especially the user is fully responsible for all decisions regarding his health alone. For misdiagnosis, incorrect treatment, and all consequences for patient and doctor, DeinDoktor is not liable. DeinDoktor is a service provider and offers online consultations at minimal cost. DeinDoktor, however, is not responsible for paying the doctors for consultations that took place. DeinDoktor provides verified data including IP address, and phone number available so that users can be uniquely identified.
Data loss:
The registered user is responsible for themselves to secure their data at appropriate intervals. DeinDoktor is not liable for any data loss and is not liable for the expenses resulting, particular to fulfill this obligation for the restoration.


The costs of your online consultation will be charged immediately after the online consultation by invoice of the doctor. Tariffs (according to Tarmed) and costs can be checked at deindoktor.ch/tariff. A refund of costs, also in case of dissatisfaction of the patient to the consulting services of the medical doctor, is excluded. An insurance cannot unfortunately be completed.

Terms and Termination

Termination of registration of the User:
Registration can be terminated at any time without notice by e-mail.
Termination of registration by DeinDoktor:
DeinDoktor is happy about each active user, but reserves the right to terminate the registration without stating reasons within a period of five days.

Extraordinary termination

The right to extraordinary termination for good cause shall remain unaffected. Modification and adjustment of the offer DeinDoktor may decide at any time to discontinue individual services altogether or offering to operate only with costs in the future or modify. In this case there are no claims by the registered user, especially not because of a deletion of the uploaded texts from him. The user is rather committed to carry the necessary data security concern.

Final Provisions

The exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from this contract is Zürich. This also applies to the case that the member moved his domicile or habitual residence from Switzerland after the contract or his domicile or habitual residence at the time the action is not known. Exclusively applies the law of Switzerland excluding the UN sales law. If any provisions of these Terms and Conditions are wholly or partially invalid, the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected. Rather, in place of any invalid provision applies to the purpose of the agreement, appropriate or at least close substitute provision, as they had agreed, the parties to achieve the original result if they had known about the invalidity of the provision. The same applies for incompleteness.