Medicaments against Earache

This is the list of medicament against Earache. You can find, in the list of medicaments against Earache, only medicaments approved by the Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products (Swissmedic). The list of medicaments against Earache is sorted by price (ascending ). The results of the list of medicaments against Earache been generated by the indexation of the medicament note.

The list is not used for advertising purposes and to be used solely for informational purposes. This page does not replace in any way the doctor's advice. Contact a doctor or pharmacist for more information or visit a telemedical online consultation via webcam.

Otalgan® (60 mg), Ohrentropfen, 12 g

Analgetika und Anästhetika, Kombinationen (S02DA30)

Otipax (50 mg), Ohrentropfen, 16 g

Lidocain und Analgetikum (S02DA01)