Second opinion from a general practitioner

Not all diseases are clearly diagnosable and due to different experiences of doctors not always the same medication and therapy treatments are prescribed. Therefore, many general practitioners welcome the second opinion of colleagues and adjust treatment approaches accordingly. Ensuring the diagnosis and the treatment effectively is for the patients of utmost importance, so that the recovery process is in place.

Obtain written medical advice

DeinDoktor allows patients to communicate with Swiss doctors by means of a consultation per video or written request. The medical online consultancy includes an understandable opinion of the initial diagnosis or disease symptoms. If the patient sends photocopies / printouts of handling documents (e.g. x-rays or scanner), she or he can avoid the repetition of diagnostic measures. The patient chooses how many general practitioners she or he wants a medical opinion from and receives up to three different opinions, which lead to a secure confirmation of the diagnosis or answer of the questions.

Independent health consultation

The patient can describe exactly all necessary information (gender, age, height, weight, etc.) and its condition or the condition of the person concerned. Several questions on a topic or disease can be set and up to three files (up to max. 10 MB each) can be uploaded. Also questions about preventive measures are possible and useful. All details are kept confidential and stored on security servers. DeinDoktor provides the request to selected Swiss general practitioners, which respond to the request as quickly as possible and address so the concerns of patients. Each received response is charged by 59,- CHF (average price). DeinDoktor supports patients to make good, serious and far-reaching decisions. And helps patients to choose the right medication or treatments for best recovery.