Second opinion from a psychiatrist

When a patient is plagued by psychological problems she or he should feel as confident as with physical illnesses to seek professional help. To contact a psychiatrist costs often much overcoming and willpower. If a mental disorder drags for a long time, or if it is more aggravated, the contact to a psychiatrist is even more difficult. A first contact with a psychiatrist by means of a written questioning helps the patient to formulate the problem and to find the right psychiatrist. It is important that the person concerned is seriously ready to deal with its problems and their elimination – and supports the work through the qualified psychiatrists.

Answers from several psychiatrists

The patient can choose how many responses she or he wants to receive from qualified psychiatrists and choose then which doctor is best for an appropriate therapy. DeinDoktor provides the request to selected Swiss psychiatrists, which answer the request as soon as possible. Per received response 59,- CHF in average are charged after sending the reply to the patients E-Mail address. Since the experiences of psychiatrists are different, the choice of the psychiatrist on the basis of a qualified answer is a significant added value to the patient. DeinDoktor supports patients to make good, serious and far-reaching decisions. The patient benefits by choosing the right medication and treatments.