Benefits of our second opinion services

Many people seek medical advice on the Internet. Unfortunately there are many unqualified statements, which arise more questions and uncertainties to the patients. With personalized responses by recognized Swiss generalists, specialists or psychiatrists DeinDoktor provides clarity in all medical areas such as oncology, cardiology, radiology, aesthetic surgery , reconstructive surgery, infektology and general medicine.

Written advice from recognised Swiss doctors

Simple questions to therapeutic interventions, preventions or clinical pictures are answered by recognised doctors of the Association of Swiss Physicians (FMH). This can be questions about causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment options or research. Basic information can be collected for selected diseases, disorders, symptoms, treatment options and methods.

Operations are not always a solution

Some operations prove to be unnecessary. This is confirmed by recent studies from Germany, France and the US (United States). At certain medical diagnoses, the number of preventable operations rises up to 90% (spine operations). For many patients, operations are connected with enormous mental and physical stress, which might be spared by a second or third medical assessment or opinion. Sometimes the opinion of different specialists is helpful. Specialists check, whether the operation recommended by the first doctor is actually necessary, and avoid a longer hospital stay and relieve the health insurance companies and patients. A physio - or pain therapy can sometimes be the better choice.

False diagnosis in medicine happen

Certain procedures (such as mammography) lead to ambiguous results and thus possibly to erroneous initial medical findings. The patient gains security and confidence in the treatment to be made through a new independent evaluation (second opinion). Also incorrectly implied symptoms can lead to treatments, which does not help the patient. Since many disease symptoms are not unique, doctor errors unfortunately cannot be ruled out. If the number of misdiagnosis and wrong treatments could be reduced, the number of recoveries of patients with more effective treatments can be increased.