Second opinion from a specialist

Operations are not always a solution

Some operations prove to be unnecessary. This is confirmed by recent studies from Germany, France and the US (United States). At certain medical diagnoses, the number of preventable operations rises up to 90% (spine operations). For many patients, operations are connected with enormous mental and physical stress, which might be spared by a second or third medical assessment or opinion. Sometimes, the opinion of different specialists is helpful. Specialists check, whether the operation recommended by the first doctor is actually necessary, and avoid a longer hospital stay and relieve the health insurance companies and patients. A physio - or pain therapy can sometimes be the better choice.

False diagnosis in medicine happen

Certain procedures (such as mammography) lead to ambiguous results and thus possibly to erroneous initial medical findings. The patient gains security and confidence in the treatment to be made through a new independent evaluation (second opinion). Also incorrectly implied symptoms can lead to treatments, which do not help the patient. Since many disease symptoms are not unique, doctor errors unfortunately cannot be ruled out. If the number of misdiagnosis and wrong treatments could be reduced, the number of recoveries of patients with more effective treatments can be increased.

Obtain written medical advice

DeinDoktor allows patients to communicate with physicians via webcam consultation or with a written request to Swiss doctors, specialists, psychiatrists and dentists. The medical online consultancy includes a understandable opinion of the initial diagnosis or disease symptoms. If the patient sends photocopies / printouts of handling documents (e.g. x-rays or scans), she or he can avoid the repetition of diagnostic measures. The patient selects the physician (e.g. psychiatrist, gynecologist, neurologist, etc.)she or he wants a medical assessment and receives up to three different opinions, which lead to a secure confirmation of the diagnosis or answering of the questions.

Independent health consultation

The patient can describe exactly all necessary information (gender, age, height, weight, etc.) and its condition or the condition of the person concerned. For specific requests, it is important to specify as many details and information as possible. Several questions on a topic or disease can be set and up to three files (up to max. 10 MB each) can be uploaded. The questions should be precise and accurate. Also questions about preventive measures are possible and useful. All details are kept confidential and stored on security servers. DeinDoktor provides the request to selected Swiss doctors, which respond to the request as quickly as possible and address the concerns of patients. Each received response is charged by 99,- CHF in average. DeinDoktor supports patients to make good, serious and far-reaching decisions. And helps patients to choose the right medication or treatments for best recovery.